Student Information

1. Policies

Class Placement and Appearance

Beginner students are placed in class by age, whenever possible. Intermediate and advanced students are placed according to ability with consideration given to age. Student’s appearance in class must be neat at all times. Girls are required to tie or pin hair back from their face, neatly secured off the neck; no jewelry; and wear leotards and tights as prescribed. Sweaters and T-shirts are allowed in cold weather only and are to be removed after warm-up. If students wear their dance clothes to class, please wear a cover-up (dress, slacks etc.) upon entering or exiting the studio. Please put student’s name in all belongings. All students who are not beginners may of course wear their ballet, tap, jazz shoes from last dance season to class. The above shoes will need to be purchased sometime before recital.

*All academy students may need additional shoes, depending on costuming. You will be given time to purchase them.

Class Etiquette

Drinks, food and gum are not permitted in the dance class. Please try to be prompt for classes, it disrupts the other students when you are late. There is no gum allowed anywhere in the building.

Student Safety

Students should not arrive more than five to ten minutes before the scheduled lesson and are to leave the studio after the class is completed. Little ones get very upset when their parents are late after class. For their safety, caution them about not leaving the building until you arrive. We cannot assume responsibility for students after class is dismissed, as there is no one to supervise their activities. Parents are responsible for supervising any additional children who are waiting in the lobby.

Viewing Classes

Most of the studio rooms have viewing windows . You are invited to watch classes at any time. Teachers will randomly open doors of studios without windows and invite parents to watch. Please remove street shoes before entering a studio room. If you would like to observe a class without a window speak with your instructor. We love visitors ! If you are interested in our school please feel free to drop by Monday – Thursday (4:30p – 8:30p) for a tour!

2. Tuition

The annual Registration Fee is due with the first month’s tuition (September) at the time of registration. Tuition payments are due by the FIRST OF EACH MONTH beginning October 1st.

A $20.00 late charge will be assessed if payment is not received by the 10th of the month. An AutoPay option is available upon request. Tuition is based on a ten month program (September – June).

**Prepayment in full of the annual tuition prior to October 1st by cash or check provides a 5% discount off monthly totals. Use this option carefully, as prepaid tuition is non-refundable. (CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PREPAYMENT DISCOUNTS).

Please note September’s tuition is due at registration. The remaining 9 months (October – June) tuition is DUE on the FIRST day of every month. Any tuition payments received after the 10th will have a $20.00 late fee charged to their account, regardless of what day of the week the 10th falls on. Payment must be received within business hours Monday through Thursday 4:00PM until 9:00PM Statements are e-mailed ONLY if there is a balance remaining after the 10th of the month.

Please see the Schedules page for class offerings.


3. Academy Information

The Academy is designed for students who desire a serious study of all dance mediums and varied performance opportunities. Academy students gain experience throughout the year by:

• State wide performances

• Cecchetti Ballet examinations

• State, National, and International competitions

Acceptance Criteria Into The Academy

Prospective Students must:

• Be 7 years old or older

• Audition for acceptance

• Have strong overall talent and performance abilities

All students are subject to the discretion of the instructors, and there are only a limited number of openings available.

Obligations for Participation in The Academy

Students must purchase a “package” of classes if invited to participate in The Academy. Ballet classes (usually a minimum of 2 per week) along with tap and repertory performance classes are included in the package. Study for Cechetti Ballet examinations is mandatory. A yearly costume fee is necessary to cover the cost of “performance” costumes, and fund-raising for special seminars and competitions may be required. Parental involvement is necessary, and participation in the yearly dance recital is required.