Summer Intensive

2019 Summer Intensive.PNG

Summer Intensive

July 22nd - August 15th 

Our 2019 4-week summer intensive provides students with an opportunity to strengthen and sharpen their technique in 45- to 60-minute classes while also exploring a few new class offerings like Stalls + Tricks and Progressions. 

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And make sure you check out our Summer Camps! They're the perfect addition to any busy schedule. 



Academy and Current Pre-Academy Students

  • All Academy and current Pre-Academy students must take the summer intensive. 

  • Students looking to do a solo and/or duet in the 2019/2020 season must enroll in the Unlimited Program.

  • Students must take Contemporary in order to audition for the 2019/2020 Contemporary performance piece.

  • Students must take Hip-Hop in order to audition for the 2019/2020 Hip-Hop Performance Piece. 

Jazzline/Tapline/Crew Students

  • Students are required to take a class corresponding with their competitive class.  

Recreational Students (Classic Program)

  • Students are encouraged to try any and all classes in their level!  


Level 1 – All dancers ages 7+ (and MLA dancers/hopefuls)
Level 2 – All dancers ages 10+ (and JLA dancers/hopefuls)
Level 3 – All dancers Ages 14+ (and SLA dancers/hopefuls)



Full Program - $150

  • Includes:

    • Jazz Technique

    • Tap Technique

    • Ballet Technique

    • Cecchetti

    • S/J/T (Stretches, Jumps, and Turns)

    • Conditioning

  • $25/additional class

Unlimited Program - $200

  • Take all the classes you want within your level!

  • FDA dancers looking to do a solo and/or duet in the 2019/2020 season must enroll in the unlimited program. 

Pre-Academy Program - $90

  • Includes:

    • Pre-Academy Jazz Technique​

    • Pre-Academy Tap Technique

    • Cecchetti 1 

  • $25/additional class​

Adult Classes - $35/class

Individual Classes (w/o program enrollment) - $30/class