Meet the Team


Susan Carter

President, Director, Instructor, Choreographer

Susan began her dance training with Enid Ricardeau in Detroit. She performed and was a major company member with The Detroit City Ballet, and attended Butler University as a dance major. Following college she lived, worked, and studied in New York City. She danced with Joffrey, Luigi, New York City Ballet & American Ballet Theatre, and performed with Regional Summer Stock Theatre in Virginia, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Susan is a teacher member of the Dance Masters of America and The Cecchetti Council of America. Her students are regularly examined, receive the highest honors, and have since gone on to dance professionally around the country. Many attend college on dance scholarships and perform on university dance teams. She has also worked as a judge at Regional competition. 

Anabell Waterfield

Academy Director, Instructor, Choreographer

Anabell has been teaching at FSD&A for 9 years. She first came to the Fenton School of Dance  as a dancer at age 5, and continued her dance education as a competitive dancer until her high school graduation. Her love of dance has taken her across the world; over the years she has made several trips to Guatemala, bringing the art of movement to boys and girls from all walks of life in Central America. The greatest lesson she's learned as both a student and a teacher? "The best dancers are not necessarily those with the most perfect technique, but those that pour their heart and soul into their dancing." 

Lisa Waterfield

Instructor, Choreographer

Lisa is the “Mary Poppins” of dance and her students absolutely adore her. She began dancing at the Rollo Academy of Dance in Nottingham, England at the age of 4, and has been teaching with the Fenton School of Dance & Academy for over 14 years. She has a truly magical gift, especially when it comes to our little kiddos. Her classes are engaging, empowering, and energetic, and always a guaranteed blast! Whether it's twinkle tots, pre-dance, kinder dance, or any of the pre-academy classes, she always practices patience, hard work, and understanding with our littlest dancers.  

Danielle Emerson

Instructor, Choreographer

Dani has been a valued member of the FSD&A staff for 5 years. She started at FSD&A at age 6, and continued as a competitive dancer until she was 18. She continued her study of dance while in school, and now divides her time between treating the sick as a Registered Nurse and bringing the joy of dance to the youth in our program. Dani's dynamic teaching style is effortless across genres, and is appreciated by students throughout all of her classes. The biggest lesson she's learned as an instructor at FSD&A? "Magic happens when we work together to reach the common goal of expressing our love for dance."

Chelsea Carter

Instructor, Choreographer

Chelsea trained at the Fenton School of Dance and Academy for 16 years as part of a team that attained regional and national awards, and performed for 5 consecutive years with the Jazz Dance Theater Youth Project. She trained at the University of Michigan Flint, undertaking several choreography opportunities and performing in the UofM ensemble. She has trained in New York at Broadway Dance Center and Steps On Broadway with such artists as Mark Begasse, Savion Glover, and Suzi Taylor, and has since worked with multiple studios and schools teaching master classes and constructing dance team choreography. Chelsea has trained and choreographed for the Mr. Teen and Junior Mr. Dance Master’s of Michigan as well as multiple other DMM contestants. She currently holds a Grade IV Cecchetti certificate and works primarily with FDA’s competitive dancers. Her love of dance and her students is reflected in their continuing successes.

Addison Palmer

Instructor, Choreographer

Addi was a competitive dancer with Fenton School of Dance & Academy for 14 years. The newest member of our instructor staff, Addi has a special way with little ones that blossoms into lasting and impactful mentorships, and she empowers all of her students to be the best they can be. She believes in the power of movement, and encourages anyone who has an interest in dance to go for it - "Anyone can dance if they want to. You don’t have to be the best. If it’s what you love, then you should be dancing!" 


Lisa Johns

Instructor, Choreographer

Lisa grew up dancing in the Detroit area. She began competing at age 9, and continued as a competitive dancer until the age of 18. Lisa studied dance at Oakland University and was able to work with cutting-edge choreoraphers such as Laurie Eisenhower of Eisenhower Dance, Meg Paul, Lizzie Leopold, and Ali Woerner of Take Root. In 2014 Lisa received the Oakland University MaTilDa Award for outstanding choreography, and in 2015 she received the Choreographer's Award at OnPoint's national competition. Since graduation Lisa has been working as a dance instructor, choreographer, and gymnastics coach throughout the Metro Detroit area. 


Katie Piwowarczyk

Instructor, Choreographer

As a Michigan native, Katie Piwowarczyk began her dance career at the age of three at Fenton School of Dance and Academy under the direction of Susan Carter. She spent fifteen years dancing with the studio and competed for ten years before moving to New York City where she is currently based as a dancer, actor, choreographer, and innovator. She is a recent graduate from Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Dance Performance and Education and a minor in Business Management. She has worked with various professionals in the industry such as Elisabeth Motley, Nancy Lushington, Jim Cooney, Catherine Cabeen, Kim Elliott, and Douglas Burkhardt. 


While maintaining her base in New York, Katie also travels across the United States as an assistant with Dupree Dance Competition and Convention under the direction of Kari Anderson as well as a backstage coordinator with Precision Arts Challenge. Currently, Katie is a freelance dancer, choreographer, and instructor who mixes her improvisation dance aesthetics and trained dance background to develop new work, educate young performers, and further push the limits of performing.

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Lisa Podnar

Instructor, Choreographer


Lisa earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Dance Education from Wayne State University. During her time as a student Lisa pursued not just an education, but performance and certificate opportunities as well - she performed under Adesola Akinleye and Marc Arthuralso, and earned certifications with the Cecchetti Council of America, AZ Dance Medicine, and Progressing Ballet Technique. Lisa is passionate about injury prevention techniques and building fitness programs to ensure her dancer’s longevity in training. A teacher for 5 years, she is looking forward to building positive relatinships with her students in the years to come. 


Alanna Allmand

Office Administrator


Alanna joined our team in the summer of 2021 as our new office administrator. She is currently in school to become an esthetician, and likes to spends her free time around town in Fenton, making memories with her fiancé,  or hanging out with pups.