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Student Resources

At FSD&A we have a zero-tolerance policy against bullying, name-calling, physical or verbal aggression, discrimination, hate speech, and harassment. We are committed to creating the most supportive, encouraging, and accepting environment for our dancers and their families, and we thank you in working with us to ensure that everyone feels safe, secure, and welcomed in our space.


Student Rules and Regulations:

General Policies
1. Everyone is courteous and respectful to other students as well as teachers.

2. Students are expected to use the trash baskets in the lobby and dressing rooms. Do not leave cups, papers, and bottles lying about on the floor, tables, or chairs.

3. No food or drink (except water) in Studio C. There are dining tables in Studio A for your convenience. 

4. The Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Students’ names (or initials) should appear in all their dancewear and dance shoes.

Classroom Policies
5. Students are to be quiet and attentive in class. Students who repeatedly disregard teacher instruction will be gently reprimanded, and their parents will be notified. A disciplined dance class creates an atmosphere that is conducive to learning while providing an enjoyable and gratifying experience to the students. 

6. No food or gum in class. 

7. No street shoes inside the classrooms.

8. No students in the classrooms without a teacher present.

9. Preschoolers should always use the bathroom before class starts.

10. Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom. We recommend they stay secured elsewhere or at home.

11. If parents are invited to watch during lessons, everyone is to remain quiet. If it is necessary to bring other siblings along, please remind them to be courteous and quiet.

12. Hair should be tied back and pinned up off of the neck.

13. No jewelry.  

14. Students are to be neat in appearance and wear leotard and tights in class. T-Shirts and sweatshirts are allowed only in cold weather, and are to be removed after warm-up. Students not properly attired may not be allowed to dance. Variations to this policy are allowed only in Hip-Hop classes with the teacher’s direction.

15. All students are to wear cover-ups (pants, skirts, etc.) over their leotards to class when entering and exiting the building and when in the adjoining park/businesses.

16. Please be prompt to classes, but do not arrive more than 15 minutes early. When students are late it disrupts the entire lesson, and when they are too early there may not be staff available to supervise them. If at all possible, notify the studio in advance if a dancer must be tardy or absent.

17. To benefit fully from their dance training, students need to attend all of their classes. New steps will not be taught over and over again for students who are continually absent. Attendance records are considered when placing students in a more advanced class, or when evaluating Academy
auditions. Again, if at all possible, advise the studio if a dancer will be late or absent.

Parking Lot & Student Pickup
18. Please park when dropping off or picking up students. Do not drop your dancer off at the front door, and do not park or sit idling in the driveway for pick-up. This blocks traffic and creates a dangerous environment. 

19. Do not use handicap spaces for pick-up or drop-of unless permitted to do so. We have parents and grandparents that need these spaces.

20. Please advise students to wait inside the building to be picked up after class.

21. Parents – Please be on time when picking up students, particularly at the end of the class day. Teachers are not scheduled to stay late, and may not always be able or available to. 


Studio Closures - Severe Weather 

22. FSD&A will announce studio closures due to inclement weather via email and on our social media pages. Please check these outlets for updates regarding classes. 

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