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Technique Classes

Technique classes are designed to improve just that - technique. These classes are open to students in both our classic and our academy programs. These classes are non-performance, meaning these classes do not perform in our annual recital. 


Jazz Technique (7+)
A technique-based class involving vigorous warm-up, deep stretching, and the education of various kinds of jumps, turns, and kicks. Class begins center floor and ends by demonstrating techniques learned in the duration of the class.

Tap Technique (7+)
This class focuses on the fine motor skills of tapping, and tapping quickly. Center floor exercises such as ankle rolls, time-step battles, and Simon Says step-learning are incorporated with traveling steps that are observed by the teacher as the student practices them across the floor. Perfect your coordination with this brain-busting class.

Cecchetti Ballet (7+)
Named after Italian ballet master Encrico Cecchetti, Cecchetti classes help strengthen, sharpen, and push technique. These classes are non-performance classes for more disciplined ballet dancers looking to go through additional training. Dancers will participate in seasonal examinations (Fenton School of Dance hires in a Cecchetti-Certified examiner) that award certification up through Grade 6. Beginners (regardless of age) start with Grade 1, and work to pass the Grade 1 examination and obtain Grade 1 certification. They can then move on to Grade 2 and progress all the way through Grade 6. 

Conditioning (8+)
Crunches and leg lifts and jumping jacks, oh my! Come tighten everything up with this high energy, endurance-boosting, dance-centered toning class. Sweat guaranteed!

Strengthening (8+)

This class is designed to benefit anyone looking to advance their technique in any genre of dance, but focuses on perfecting acrobatic technique. With an emphasis on both flexibility and strength, this class helps give dancers a strong foundation for their acrobatic classes. Open to all ages and levels.

Progressions (7+)

A class for kids who like to keep it moving! With an upbeat, energized flow, dancers will learn and drill technical skills as well as combine new and old steps (in the genres of jazz, contemporary, hip-hop) across the floor. Dancers looking to snag an additional, fun technique class throughout their dance week should give this a try!

Depending on enrollment, if classes are large enough, we will divide each class in two: one junior class to accommodate the younger kids, and one senior to accommodate older, more advanced students.

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